1. How do I register? Show MoreEach team is required to fill out the Team Registration Form and submit the $3,800 team registration fee. Once your team has registered, each competitor is required to complete the Individual Participant Registration Form. [Registration Info]
  2. Is there a benefit to registering early? Show MoreAbsolutely! This is a popular event and space is limited. Registration is considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. What is included in the Team Registration Fee? Show MoreThe Registration Fee of $3,800 includes participation for a team of three to compete in Race Days One and Two of the SCI Mountain Challenge. Each competitor’s three dinners, two breakfasts, fueling bags for each day of competition, après-hike snacks, the Finish Line Celebration Barbecue, After Party, event bags, and garment and personalized webpage are included in the fee. [Registration Info]
  4. Can I compete even if I do not have a team of three? Show MoreIf a teammate drops out at the last minute your team will be able to complete the race course, but you will not be eligible to be ranked or win a course award. You will however still be eligible to win an award in the philanthropy portion of the event. If you are an individual looking for a team, SCI will help match you with other individual participants to fill a team of three prior to the event, though it is not guaranteed that we will be able to find you a team.
  5. Who else is competing? Show More Check out who you will be hiking and paddling against! [Who’s Competing] ……………………………………………………………………………..
  6. What are the ages of the individuals competing? Show MoreWe welcome competitors 18 years or older. Past competitors’ ages have ranged from early 20s – early 70s. Exceptions for competitors under 18 will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and may require additional waivers and documentation.
  7. Are team entries open to individuals or only companies? Show More You do not need to register as a company to compete. Individuals may register with personal teams as long as there are three persons on the team.
  8. Can my team still compete if we can’t make it to Race Day One? Show MoreIf extenuating circumstances cause your team to miss one of the race days, we will still allow your team to take part in the event. However, you are only eligible to be officially ranked and win a course award if your team competes in the entire race, and you will still be required to pay the full registration fee. But you could still win the top philanthropy award!
  9. Can I switch out competitors for each day? Show MoreYou may switch out competitors and compete on the course if someone is unable to participate on one of the days for some reason, but you will be ineligible to be officially ranked or win a course award.
  10. Can I switch from the Advanced to the Intermediate Course (and vice versa) over the two days? Show MoreYes, you are able to switch from the Advanced/Intermediate courses between Race Day One and Race Day Two, but you will only be eligible to be ranked and win a course award if you remain in the same class both days.
  11. How do we know if our team should race the Advanced or the Intermediate Course? Show MoreBoth the Advanced (the longer course) and the Intermediate (the shorter course) teams start off on the same course. In order to make the competition fair for both levels, there will be a “cut-off point” for the Advanced and the Intermediate Courses. Some teams pre-determine which course they would like to do in advance, but if your team makes it to the cut-off point before the set time (time will be determined prior to the start of the competition), you will be required to race the Advanced Course. On the flip side, if your team wants to compete on the Advanced Course but does not make it to the cut-off point in time, you must continue onto the Intermediate Course to ensure that you will finish the race on time that day. There will be rankings and awards for both the Advanced and the Intermediate Courses. [Course Info]
  12. What do I do if I forget my mandatory gear? Show MoreWe encourage you to double-check your bag before getting to Maine because although there are stores in the area, they tend to be few and far between! Remember, penalties will be incurred if you are missing any mandatory gear. [Mandatory Gear]
  13.  Do I need any specific training for the on-mountain or water elements? Show MoreWe recommend training for the on-mountain portion of the event. See our training guide for our month by month training tips. There is no specific training necessary for the paddling portion of the race, yet everything you do to improve your fitness will assist you throughout the entire race, including the paddling section. [Training]
  14. What if I cannot swim? Show MoreThe paddling section is a compulsory element of the SCI Mountain Challenge. All participants will be required to wear personal flotation devices (PFDs) for the entire paddling portion of the race. There will be two safety officials at the start of the course, as well as safety boats on the river and spotters along the shore. The likelihood of capsizing is small but there is always the chance of this eventuality, so the decision to register is at the discretion of each individual.
  15. How long will it take to finish each course? Show MoreEach team’s finish time will vary according to their skill and fitness levels. The fastest times will finish in approximately four hours and the slower times could take over six hours for each course. Approximately 8 hours a day is provided to finish each stage.
  16. Do I need to stay at Sunday River? Show MoreIt is not required to stay at Sunday River although it is highly recommended. Mandatory competitor information sessions, mandatory competitor transportation to/from courses, breakfasts, dinners and post-events are all held at Sunday River. If guests choose not to stay at the host hotel, it is required they arrive promptly for all mandatory sessions and transportation to/from courses and ancillary events. 
  17. Is transportation included in my stay? Show MoreTransportation is provided to/from the Portland, ME airport and to/from any off-site events throughout the weekend. Shuttles from the PWM airport to Sunday River on Thursday, September 30 are scheduled at 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm. Shuttles from Sunday River back to the PWM airport on Sunday, October 3 are scheduled at 7:00 am and 9:00 am. Please plan your flights accordingly if you would like to take advantage of the complimentary airport shuttle service provided by SCI.
  18. Can I use my own transportation? Show MoreYou may use your own transportation to travel to/from Sunday River — parking is available at no additional charge. All competitors are required to take the competitor buses to/from the course.
  19. Do I need to rent a car to get anywhere? Show MoreOnce you arrive at Sunday River you will not need a car for any Mountain Challenge events. If you are unable to make the complimentary shuttle buses from Portland International Jetport you may choose to rent a car from the airport and drive to Sunday River. [Travel Info]
  20. Are meals included in my stay? Show MoreMeals (three dinners, two breakfasts, fueling bags for each day of competition, après-hike snacks, Finish Line Celebration Barbecue and After Party) are included in the registration fee.
  21.  Am I allowed to bring a guest? Show MoreYou are allowed to bring a guest though they will not be able to compete in the on-mountain portion of the event, ride the competitor bus to/from the course or be on the course at any point except at the start and finish lines. There is a guest fee of $375 for the meals and evening events. All guests must submit a Guest Registration Form.
  22. What happens if my team is unable to meet our fundraising goal? Show MoreEach team is encouraged to raise a combined minimum of $3,000. If your team does not reach this goal it will affect your team’s rankings and ability to win the overall awards and philanthropy awards. Teams that do not meet the minimum requirement of $3,000 raised in the Philanthropy Challenge will not be qualified to win a fundraising or overall award (combination award of both race time and philanthropy).
  23. How are the prizes awarded? Show MoreA variety of awards are given based on different criteria including your team’s course ranking on Race Day One and Race Day Two, and on how much money you raise in the philanthropy portion of the event. The overall awards are based on a combination of course time and dollars raised. Additionally, there are awards for different challenges and obstacles along the course.
  24. If my company has multiple teams, can we fundraise together? Show MoreIf you would like to combine your fundraising efforts to join forces, you may do so. However, when the awards are calculated, the total funds raised by the company-at-large will be divided evenly between the number of teams representing your company. Philanthropy and overall awards will then be calculated based on the evenly split amount. If a company has more than one team, you may also choose to keep the fundraising separate. However, note that no funds can be transferred from one team to another once the Mountain Challenge has officially started.
  25. How important is the philanthropy element to my overall standing? Show MoreThe overall ranking and awards are based equally on your team’s performance on Race Day One and Two AND on how much money you raise in the Philanthropy Challenge. The more money your team raises, the better chance you have of winning an award!
  26. I don’t want to compete but how can I support the event? Show MoreYou can support teams and/or individuals (or the SCI Mountain Challenge event in general!) through the Philanthropy Challenge. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. [Support]
  27. What do the funds raised support? Show MoreAll proceeds directly benefit the mariners SCI serves through our programs including ship visiting and hospitality, advocacy, and education. [Support]
  28. If my team is unable to compete at the last minute could we get a refund? Show MoreIf your team cancels its participation in the SCI Mountain Challenge prior to June 30, 2021, 50% of the team registration fee will be refunded. If cancellation occurs between July 1 and July 31, 25% of the team registration fee will be refunded. Any cancellation after July 31, 2021 will not be refunded. Any request for a COVID-related cancellation will be considered separately from this general policy. Proof of positive COVID test or other supporting documentation may be required.
  29. What happens if it is raining? Show MoreIf there is rain the race will go on as planned. If there is lightning or dangerous conditions, then the race start time will either be delayed or all activities will be moved indoors. Conditions will be evaluated onsite.
  30. What is the weather like in western Maine? Show MoreIn late September/early October you may experience sun, clouds, rain, or snow! The temperature may also vary greatly. We recommend being prepared for everything.
  31. Will my cell phone work on the mountain? Show MoreCell phone coverage will not be available, or may be spotty, throughout the courses, however we still encourage participants to carry their cell phones on them at all times, both on- and off-mountain. When on-mountain, we have professionally-staffed checkpoints throughout the courses and each team will have a tracker for safety purposes.
  32. How do I get to Sunday River? Show MoreThe closest airport is the Portland International Jetport (PWM). We will provide shuttles to/from the airport. Shuttles on Thursday, September 30 will depart the airport at 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm. Shuttles on Sunday, October 3 will depart Sunday River at 7:00 am and 9:00 am. If driving, use the following address for directions to the Grand Summit Hotel: 97 Summit Road, Newry, Maine [Travel Info]